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Alba Schoolhouse use parameters


Reservations for use of the Alba Schoolhouse are made on a first come, first served basis, and can be made up to one year in advance. Minors are not eligible to reserve facilities.  All reservations, once made, are subject to final approval by the Board. 


Hours and Cost of Use:


Standard hours of use: 9:00am to 5:00pm, seven days a week, Monday through Sunday.

Extended use hours (by special approval) 7:00am to 9:00am, 5:00pm to 10:00pm.



Use fees:


$100 per half-day: Up to four hours, 9am-1pm (first half) or 1pm to 5pm (second half)

$200 per full day: More than four hours and up to eight, or any use that includes time in both the first and second half of the day.


Extended use hours shall be at the rate of $45 per hour in addition to the standard use fees.


Wedding costs start at $750, for one entire day's usage including extended hours:  7am to 10pm.


Note: The "wedding rate" fee schedule may also apply to other non-wedding events, including those that charge for admission, larger events, and any event deemed by the Board to be of higher impact to the facilities. 


For all events, a cleaning/damage deposit of up to 100% of the use fees may be required.

A deposit of up to 25% of the total use fees may also be required to hold reservations

Depending on the type/nature of the event, additional fees/costs may apply. 


Indoor facility use: Maximum of 49 persons.

Outdoor facility use: Maximum of 100 persons.

Total combined occupancy shall not exceed 125 persons.

Groups which are comprised predominately of participants under the age of 21 years of age, must be chaperoned at a ratio of one adult (over 21 years) to 12 minors.

Additional Info:


Parking is limited. Additional parking may be obtained at other facilities in Ben Lomond and the surrounding area. Carpooling and/or shuttle vehicles may be required for any event with an attendance of 25 persons or more. Please inquire with the Board for information about other local parking options. 

At no time may any guests or users of the facility park along Alba Road.

Portable Toilet: The Alba School House has fully functioning bathroom facilities, but for the sake of this historical building's infrastructure, all events exceeding 49 persons will require the rental of one portable toilet with hand washing facilities to supplement the existing facilities. For events exceeding 100 persons, a minimum of 2 portable toilets is required.  Inquire with Board for local companies providing this service.


Alcohol:  A permit to serve alcohol my be issued at the Board's discretion.  Only beer and wine (no hard alcohol, liquor, spirits) may be served and consumed.  Alcoholic beverages are prohibited at events specifically for children under the age 17 and at events where children comprise 40% or more of attendees.


Sound: The use of public address systems, electronic equipment, live music (including acoustic/un-plugged) or any amplification of sound are subject to Board approval and may require a sound permit fee. 


Insurance Requirements: Groups charging admission, all weddings, and any event deemed  by the Board to require it, must furnish a Certificate of General Liability and Property Damage Insurance holding Alba Parks and Recreation as additional insureds.  (note: these one day "event insurance policies" are common and relatively inexpensive.)

The Board has, at their discretion, the option to modify these parameters, to change hours of use, and to use a sliding or a donation based fee schedule to adjust costs to meet the needs of the community.

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